Grand Canyon Adventure - River at Risk

November 4, 2008 
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This movie uses a wonderful family rafting trip along the Colorado River to make a statement about the decreasing supply of water on the planet, and the ever increasing demand and misuse of this precious commodity. On the rafting adventure are Wade Davis, anthropologist, author and photographer, and his long time friend Robert Kennedy Jnr, chairman of Waterkeeper Alliance, and their daughters Tara Davis and Kick Kennedy.
Grand Canyon Adventure - River at Risk has a serious environmental message, but the viewer could be forgiven for losing themselves in the sheer beauty of the journey, with outstanding cinematography and amazing footage both from the air and at river level within the Grand Canyon. There is also an element of adventure, rafting through the fierce rapids of the Colorado River, and camping among ornate rock features along its banks. However, we are constantly reminded of the decrease in water levels through comparisons of various sections of the Colorado River with old photographs, and the much more obvious drops in levels of Lake Powell and Lake Mead, at the two major dams along the river. We are also told the story of the Anasazi, who were forced to abandon their important settlement of Chaco Canyon 1000 years ago due to a terrible drought at that time, and when we see the bright lights and fountains of Las Vegas, one of the major reasons for the lack of water in the Colorado River, we cannot help imagine that history may be on the verge of repeating itself.
At the end of the movie we are reminded how we can help to conserve water in our everyday lives, and even if you are already making those efforts, after being inspired by this movie you will probably try that little bit harder!
Narrated by Robert Redford, Grand Canyon Adventure - River at Risk is a beautiful movie and is strongly recommended.

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Grand Canyon Adventure - River at Risk was shown at the Banff Mountain Film Festival on Nov 1st 2008.


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