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Brewster Ice Explorer

Columbia IcefieldOne of the largest accumulations of ice and snow south of the Arctic Circle, the icefield covers an area of nearly 325 sq km.
Travel in a specially designed Brewster Ice Explorer to the middle of the Athabasca Glacier, on a 5 kilometre round trip journey.

Your driver/guide will explain how glaciers are formed and point out interesting geological features as you travel in safety and comfort.
At the mid-point, you will have the option of stepping out onto ice formed from snow falling as long as 400 years ago.

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Combine with a sightseeing tour for a full Canadian Rockies experience.

Athabasca Glacier Icewalks

If you feel like trekking up the side of a glacier, these are the guys to do it with. They’ve been guiding since 1985 and offer half and full day trips.
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