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Hikes around Town

Bow River Trail to Bow Falls

Flat, well maintained footpath, 20-30 mins. Start Wolf St & Bow Ave.

Hoodoo Trail
Undulating trail, wildflowers, beach, river, views, 9.2km. Start at Surprise Corner.

Tunnel Mountain Summit
Switchback trail, great views of townsite, 4.6km, 300m elevation gain. Start St. Julien Rd.

Marsh Loop Trail
Boardwalk, wetland, hot springs, bird watching, 1.6km. Start Cave & Basin.

Fenland Circuit
Flat trail, loop, spruce, creeks, marshlands, 2.1km. Start Mt. Norquay Rd after rail tracks.

Vermillion Lakes
Flat road, benches, docks for viewing birdlife. Start Mt. Norquay Rd before Hwy 1.

Sundance Canyon
Road, closed to traffic, follows river, then uphill to forested picnic area, 8.6km. Start Cave & Basin

Spray River Trail
Dirt road loop, forest, river, bridges, ending at golf course, 12.4km. Start end of Spray Ave behind Banff Springs Hotel.

Sulphur Mountain Summit
Switchback trail, views, waterfall, wildlife, restaurant, gondola, 11km, 655m elevation gain. Start at the top of Mountain Ave, before Upper Hot Springs.

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